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Would you like to become a Natural Health Professional? Are you interested in having your own herbal/nutrition business? Does the idea of having your own home or internet business appeal to you?

We are looking for people who are interested in a part-time or full-time opportunity in the herbal/nutrition field. No financial investment is required. All you need is a desire to help other people discover the benefits of herbs, vitamins, homeopathic formulations and other natural nutritional supplements. As an independent distributor under our sponsorship, you will be your own boss. You will set your own hours and decide for yourself how you will run your business. We will never pressure you into selling anything or doing anything that you do not want to do. We will simply be there to support you when you need it. It is all up to you!

At Natural Health Pro Training we are a Distributor of products by a leader in the Natural Health and Nutritional Supplement industry with over 45 years of service.  This company has been recognized by Interactive Health as one of America’s Healthiest Companies for a record 10th consecutive year. They are the only company to receive this award each year it has been given.

 The reason is simple: They are the best we have found. 

We have been in the health and beauty industry for 20+ years, and have used many products over that time. We have found that these products often worked when all others had failed. The reason is their quality control, which is the highest in the industry, and their synergistic herbal combinations. They set the international standard by which all other companies are judged.  Even if you are not interested in a business opportunity we invite you to sign up as a member so that you can enjoy the member benefits, including deep discounts on all of our quality products. Membership operates like a wholesale buyer’s club, allowing you to purchase the best nutritional products available at wholesale prices.

 Educational Online Herbal School

 Natural Health Pro Training, is offering  an online Herbalist and Natural Health and Healing Training Program. Whether you have prior knowledge or if this is your first Natural Health Course, this training will help you acquire the knowlege you need.  It is a self paced course. To access Natural Health Training go to this web site and begin with the first lesson. 

FREE Online Herbalist Training Course

Step One: Sign up NOW as a member under our sponsorship. (Details below.) Still not sure if a membership is right for you? That’s okay. We’re easy! Skip ahead and consider signing up as a member at a later date.

Step Two: If you haven’t already, visit our Natural Health Pro Training our online herbalist training course, where you can complete all of our herbal studies in the comfort of your home.  Add it to your favorites because you will want to visit this site again and again.

Membership Benefits

Purchase products at wholesale cost (save 33% or more off retail on the best nutritional products available).
Receive rebates of up to 30% on your own purchases.
Receive up to 40% bonuses on the product purchases of those you sponsor.
Receive industry-leading commissions and overrides.
Choose from over 500 quality products to meet the health needs of your customers and those you love.
As a Member, you will also receive special offers, product discounts and company publications. You will be able to attend educational and fun company-sponsored seminars and events.

Free One-Year  Membership with $40 Purchase

Get a FREE one-year membership ($40 value) and FREE shipping on your second order when you purchase at least $40 (at direct cost) in products directly from the company. Signing up is easy. All you have to do is order $40 worth of  products at member prices. At Checkout, you will be asked to fill out a form with your account information. There are never any purchase requirements nor minimum orders.

Once you have signed up, we will send you a Membership kit in the mail so you can read about the benefits. The savings start immediately as you will receive the member discount on all of your orders, including your first one, for as long as you are a member. You will receive free shipping on your second order.

o sign up as an  member: Click Here to Start Shopping

(The above sign up link is for U.S. only.)

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