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Even with the best dietary intentions, we often fall short of meeting all our nutritional needs…

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FROM:   Stephanie Anderson

WRITTEN:   Monday, 9:57 AM


If you are reading this page right now, I can only assume that you are interested in learning more about living a healthier and well-balanced life. 

And that probably means that you have spent countless hours, days, months, etc. researching:

  • Symptoms, how you are feeling
  • Signs and causes
  • Remedies and solutions
  • Holistic and Natural modalities

My question to you today is…

Have the products you tried or currently taking provided VALUE to your overall health?

After spending all that time in pursuit of a healthier and well-balanced life, it would be a shame if you gave up before finding what works for you.

The fact is that after trying a few products that don’t bring VALUE and positively affect them, most people begin to question the effectiveness of nutritional supplementation.

And the truth is nobody wants to buy something that doesn’t work! Unfortunately, many products are not designed to address each system of the body.  

I mean, don’t get me wrong. Approximately 40% of Americans take supplements according to the third U.S. National Health Examination Survey. Are you in that 40% percentile, if so, are you taking the right ones?

Even with the best dietary intentions, we often fall short of meeting all our nutritional needs. Many people today take nutritional supplements.

Of course, the ideal way to get your nutrients is still from food. Food not only supplies vitamins and minerals, but also gives us fiber and a host of other healthy compounds, like phytochemicals and antioxidants, that interact with each other in ways that supplements can’t.

However, most American diets fall short of satisfying the minimum daily requirements for several vitamins and minerals.

Why is this? Often, SIMPLY it’s– chowing down on too much fast food and not enough fruits, veggies, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. If ANY of this sounds even remotely like you, I would like to help you today with this FREE tool.

Introducing our new and improved online Health Assessment!

Did, I mention it is FREE? This powerful tool can help you determine your body’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s the perfect point to begin your journey to better health and well-being. Our online health assessment evaluates your health and habits in four categories:

Your emotional health is deeply connected with your physical health, and emotional issues often manifest themselves physically. It’s important to evaluate both physical and emotional aspects to get a full picture of your health
The air you breathe,the water you drink and the medicines you may take all factor into overall health. Some people battle air pollution daily. While others require frequent medication. These can affect various body systems and reduce health potential
What are your health tendencies? How do you feel and what kinds of things do you notice daily? Where do you struggle with your wellness? You’re getting a more complete picture of your health status.
Don’t underestimate the influence that your food and beverage intake have on yourhealth…for better or for worse.

Take a peek at some of the functions of the body systems that will be evaluated during your personalized assessment:

 Body Composition System

Poor body composition can negatively impact many systems within the body. Maintaining a healthy weight and achieving proper nutrition is the foundation of good health.

Circulatory System

The circulatory system transports food, oxygen, and water to every system of the body through an intricate network of blood vessels.

Cleansing System

Cleansing supports natural waste elimination to provide a sense of improved energy and well-being. A natural cleansing program benefits the body by promoting bowel movement, nourishing organs and promoting healthy bacteria in the gut.

Detox System

Over time, toxins in our air, water and food can collect in the body and cause trouble. Certain herbs and other nutrients help the body process and eliminate these toxins from the cells via the colon,kidneys, skin and lungs.

Digestive System

The digestive system breaks down food for fuel and makes it available to the whole body.

Glandular System

 The glandular system is a communication network that regulates basic drives and emotions, promotes growth, and sexual identity, assists in the ordinary replacement of body tissues. We recommend these products for supporting the Glandular System

Hepatic System

The liver plays vital roles in digestion,metabolism and elimination of toxins from the body. Our largest organ produces bile to aid in the digestion of fats. Bile also helps eliminate excess cholesterol and toxins.

Immune System

When the immune system recognizes viruses, bacteria and other foreign bodies, it signals the brain to activate immune processes

Intestinal System

The intestinal system absorbs waste products from the body and excretes those products with indigestible food fiber.

Nervous System

The nervous system provides the vital communication link between our internal world and the external world around us.

Respiratory System

The respiratory system is essential to the body’s growth and movement because it supplies oxygen, enabling the body to produce energy.

Structural System

The structural system, like a building frame, houses our other body systems and helps our body withstand outside stresses and strains.

Urinary System

The urinary system filters the blood supply in order to maintain a clean supply of fluids that the body’s systems can utilize.


This simple health assessment quiz only takes a few minutes to complete and provides you with helpful information that may transform your life.

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