Lesson 10: The Immune System (page 1 of 5)

Outline of Lesson


  1. Introduction
  2. The Body’s Natural Defenses
  3. Support for the Immune System
  4. Herbs and Nutrition for the Immune System
  5. Immune System Flow Chart
  6. Immune System Product List
  7. Word Review List
  8. Self-Evaluation


The Immune System

Have you ever noticed, during the “cold and flu season,” that some people seem to be sick all the time while others seem to never get sick? Why is it that even though we are exposed to the same “germs,” not all of us will get sick? Does this happen by chance or are laws of nature responsible?


Sickness Does Not Happen By Chance!

The reason some people are sick a lot is because they have weak immune systems. Conversely, the reason some people are more resistant is because they have strong immune systems. Our immune system is our body’s natural defense against disease. It includes our lymphatic system and all the various types of white blood cells that recognize, engulf and destroy pathogenic (disease-causing) viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites—ideally before they have had a chance to make us sick.

In the same way, certain white blood cells of the immune system also protect us from cancer. When a cancer cell is produced in the body, these white blood cells will find it and destroy it, usually before it gets out of control and invades other parts of the body. So a strong immune system is also our best defense against cancer.

Why is it that even though we are exposed to the same “germs,” not all of us will get sick?
 Some of us are just lucky.
 Some of us have had our flu shots.
 It depends on our Astrological signs.
 Some of us have stronger immune systems than others.

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