Lesson 11: The Respiratory System (page 16 of 19)

Respiratory conditions in which there is a deficiency of mucus, or the mucus is thick and yellowish, are said to be dry conditions.


Sinus and Lung Support for “Damp” Conditions

Damp conditions involve excessive mucus. The herbal combination Fenugreek and Thyme is excellent for these conditions because it helps with the removal of mucus. Together the two herbs act as a soothing expectorant for both the lungs and the sinuses. Fenugreek loosens thick mucus and thyme helps dilate and relax the bronchial branches and relieve spasm.

Damp conditions can be cold, with white or clear and watery mucus; or warm, with yellow, green or brown mucus. Warm conditions often involve an infection.

For Damp and Cold conditions of the lungs, the herbal combination ALJ along with High Potency Garlic may be helpful.

For Damp and Cold conditions of the sinuses, the herbal combination Fenugreek & Thyme may be of greatest benefit.

For Damp and Warm conditions ALJ is the best combination, along with Echinacea/Golden Seal, a blend of two important herbs for the immune system, to help the body fight the infection.

Respiratory conditions in which there is a excess of mucus are said to be _____ conditions.



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