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Special Health Challenges

Frequently we run into people who seem to be doing everything right but who are nevertheless overweight. Despite their best efforts they have been unable to lose more than a few pounds and can never seem to keep the weight off. In many of these cases we find that there is an unrecognized condition that may be making it nearly impossible for them to lose weight and keep it off. The health challenges that are most likely to result in this type of situation are underactive thyroid, yeast overgrowth (candidiasis), food allergies, and cravings due to special nutritional needs.


Underactive Thyroid

An underactive thyroid, which as we have seen can result from starvation dieting, will lead to a low metabolic rate making it nearly impossible for you to maintain your ideal weight. It can also result in low energy, low blood pressure and you may find it difficult to keep warm. A medical diagnosis may be indicated to determine the extent of the problem, but unless the condition is severe, medical tests can easily mis it or misdiagnose it. Overweight individuals with an underactive thyroid often find that they have more energy and can lose weight and keep it off easier when their underactive thyroid is properly addressed through nutrition and lifestyle changes including our dietary guidelines. For more information see Underactive Thyroid.

The newest weapon in the battle of the “bulge” is a safe metabolite of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) known as 7-Keto. It is produced naturally by the adrenal glands but its production declines remarkably with age. 7-Keto stimulates the thyroid, which controls thermogenesis, or the body’s ability to burn fat. Clinical studies have shown that 7-Keto boosts the body’s production of T3 thyroid hormone, the hormone that has the greatest effect on the body’s metabolic rate. (When doctors check thyroid function they usually only check for the T4 thyroid hormone.) T3 helps the body lower its fat storage set point, which governs the body’s efforts to maintain our ideal weight. 7-Keto also helps prevent muscle atrophy and boosts immune function.


Yeast Overgrowth

A small amount of yeast (Candida albicans) is normally found in the intestinal tract. Certain things, such as the use of antibiotics, birth control pills or too many simple carbohydrates in the diet (particularly wheat, fructose and sugar), can result in an overgrowth of yeast producing a myriad of seemingly unrelated and frequently misdiagnosed health problems. These may include muscle or joint pains, urinary problems, poor resistance to sickness, and an inability to maintain your desired weight. Overweight individuals with an overgrowth of yeast often find it easier to reach and maintain their ideal weight when their yeast problem is properly addressed through nutrition and lifestyle changes including our dietary guidelines. For more information see Candida Control.

Food Allergies

Food allergies can result in digestive disturbances such as gas, belching or bloating after meals. You may also feel lethargic, sleepy, or low in energy, especially after eating. Food allergies are commonly associated with a yeast overgrowth although this is not always the case. Food allergies often make it difficult to maintain your ideal weight. Overweight individuals with food allergies often find it easier to reach and maintain their ideal weight when their food allergies are properly addressed through nutrition and lifestyle changes including our dietary guidelines. For more information see Food Allergies and Unexplained Weight Gain.


Cravings Due to Special Nutritional Needs

If, even after following our dietary guidelines, you experience abnormal cravings for sweets or processed foods, you might consider supplementing your diet with l-glutamine and GTF chromium, as part of a complete nutritional program. L-glutamine supplies the body with an important neurotransmitter of the brain that some people are deficient in. This deficiency, which may be partially genetic, can result in abnormal cravings, particularly for sweets or alcohol (but not necessarily for both). GTF chromium helps the body to better regulate blood sugar levels which can also help reduce cravings for sweets. If, on the other hand, you crave high-fat foods or fried foods more than sweets or alcohol, consider supplementing your diet with Flax Seed Oil instead. This should also be done as part of a complete nutritional program including our dietary guidelines.


Obesity is an epidemic in the United States, with one in five Americans currently considered obese. The typical American “junk food” diet, consisting of high-fat and highly refined foods – such as most bakery goods and foods with added sugar – is a major source of the problem. Starvation diets and fad supplements are contributing to the problem rather than helping it. Lack of exercise is a problem for many as well. Effective and lasting weight loss comes only when we address the kinds of foods we eat and how we eat them, and when we take into consideration the five fundamentals of weight loss, which are also the five fundamentals of health: Cleansing, Leisure (Sleep), Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition. In addition to these, we must address any underlying health concerns which might be impeding weight loss, including underactive thyroid, yeast overgrowth, food allergies, and cravings due to special nutritional needs. Implementing the dietary advice we have considered in this lesson, along with the prudent use of nutritional supplements as part of a balanced program, you may be able to reach and maintain your desired weight for life.


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  1. Underactive Thyroid
  2. Food Allergies
  3. Yeast Overgrowth
  4. Natural Health Pro Training’s Dietary Guidelines

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